You Are Sitting On A Retail Goldmine

You Are Sitting On A Retail Goldmine

A Performance Coaching Model for Area Managers

Do you agree with this idea: If an individual can hit ‘good’ every time, they become ‘great’?

In retail, under-performance really adds up. If each employee can adjust their mentality, agree to set ‘good’ reasonable targets, and see this as part of a team effort, numbers will move.

What if your worst performers will lead to your best sales results?

When you can identify actions and behaviours which under-performers can change to improve sales, it’s time for a game-plan. The right system targets and tracks results which need to change. Put this in place and numbers will move.

Do you trust under-performing store managers to turn things around?

If you truly believe ‘retail is in the detail’ it follows once an area manager can see store manager targets and the levers needed to move individual staff towards ‘good’ performance, conversations become constructive. Everyone is treated fairly across the group which builds trust.

Move the levers and numbers will move.

At RPS we have some tough conversations.

1. We find out ‘top-down’ about retail performance in your business at area, store and individual levels.

2. We performance coach Area Managers to:

  • Identify the opportunity in your under-performing stores.
  • ‘inspect what they expect’ store managers to do for in-store compliance and operations.
  • implement a performance coaching culture to engage, enable and empower teams (including top performers).
  • instil a commercial mindset for in-store execution and in-store excellence to flourish.

For Area Managers, transforming low-performing stores completely changes the game.

RPS is unique in that we help Area Managers learn how to coach their people to a defined model. The behaviours, skills and knowledge inherent in our values drive winning outcomes, supported by a dashboard performance system.

At RPS we’ve developed our Performance Coaching Process based on 35 years’ experience in increasing retails sales, moving numbers and maintaining momentum through performance plans.

Our model includes:

Opportunity – we make it clear what the opportunity looks like for the store and individuals.

Focus – we make it real by writing action plans which commit to the opportunity.

Do Differently – we make it happen by personalising best practice and filling skills gaps.

Review & Renew – we make it last by reviewing if the plan worked and mining new opportunities.

Most importantly our approach moves numbers.

In our experience working with clients across all retail channels, the gain is worth 5% to 12% in like for like sales and delivers an average 7 times return on investment, meaning investing in a proven performance coaching programme is worth it!

We can help you with your people performance. Book your people on an RPS Area Managers Programme by calling 01344 849397 or ask/email Scott Reid at to discuss a tailored in-house Area Manager Programme.

The RPS performance system, based on Olympic sport performance principles, has delivered great results for retailers for over 30 years.

Experience 2 days of hands on retail management training that leaves you with the system to exceed your targets