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6 Main Challenges Area Managers Face and How to Overcome them

Retail Performance Specialists have just released their latest area manager tools ebook  “6 Main Challenges Area Managers Face and How to Overcome them”.

Through our ‘Best Practice’ benchmarking of global retailers, we have compiled over 20 solutions to tackle these challenges, covered in this eBook.

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In this area manager tools eBook you’ll learn…


1. The mindset to achieve excellence

How area managers impact on area performance and dictates the results they achieve.

2. Understanding and moving the critical KPIs

Area managers are hired or fired on their ability to deliver results. Learn why managers need to understand key performance indicators to get results.

3. Time management

How managing time effectively is critical to the success of area managers, due to the fact they spend so much time working alone.

4. Effective store visits

How the discipline of follow up is the difference in getting initiatives successfully implemented or not.

5. Leadership

How leaders create the environment that inspires people to achieve greatness and how this environment can bring out the best in their people.

6. Creating model stores

How area managers can model stores on high performers and with very little effort, improve store performance.

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