Area Managers Training System

A guaranteed Area Management system ready to implement and improve performance in any area

A hands on approach to help your area managers increase revenue

RPS delivers an easy to understand and unique workshop which teaches managers how to move their KPIs, leading to greater sales revenue.

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β€œThe RPS programme has changed our thinking and helped us successfully compete in the current retail environment. RPS know retail and how to deliver.”

John Morris, Managing Director, Tudor Williams

“I have successfully transitioned to focusing 70% of my time on driving sales while maintaining operational standards at an 85% plus level.”

Ian Mullin, Area Manager, Henderson Retail

Programme Details

A 2 day programme with a hands on approach to help area managers increase revenue in 4 key areas.


  • Performance Measurement
  • Succession Management

Performance Mindset

  • Leadership Mindset
  • Opportunity Forecasting
Performance Mindset

Disciplined Execution

  • Performance Coaching
  • Compliance Coaching

Performance Plans

  • Area Game Plan
  • Visits Plan
businessman thinking about kpis

If you would like to increase your sales using KPIs and coaching, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Day 1

Here’s a brief overview of what Area Managers will learn on Day 1

Understand the system

  • Numbers – plan – execution – sign off
  • Leadership – team engagement – customer engagement – feedback and improvement

How to use the system and the documentation

  • Numbers – sales opportunity focus – non-negotiable standards – training – coaching – accountability

Interpreting the numbers to make better decisions

  • Instant performance recognition through visual scorecards and dashboard

Behaviours that move numbers

  • Customer journey – creating a performance culture – zero pressure selling

Influencing through

  • Leadership techniques
  • Performance coaching system
  • Understanding different personality traits

Day 2

Here’s a brief overview of what Area Managers will learn on Day 2

How to become a top performing Area Manager

  • Practicing and honing your skills in a safe environment, before doing it for real with your unsuspecting team

The numbers

  • Using the numbers to identify opportunity for sales improvement and creating the plan to achieve the improvement

Creating game-plans that achieve results

  • Writing game plans that are quantifiable actions and accountable commitments

Coaching model and practice

  • RPS – 3 tier coaching model – when to coach – when to tell – directive vs non directive coaching

Leadership skills

  • Questioning and listening skills – body language – persuasion skills

Compliance and accountability

  • Structured and documented system for sustainable compliance
  • Managing the spread of performance from best practice to critical care people
  • Practice having the hard conversations for positive outcomes

Game plans that achieve results

  • Writing game plans that are outcome based actions
  • Managing time to focus on the areas of greatest opportunity
  • Every Area Manager will leave the workshop with their personal performance game plan

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