Managing the Savvy Shopper

Managing the Savvy Shopper

A customer comes into your store, starts to browse around and immediately you notice the customer searching on their phone to see if they can get what they’re looking at cheaper online.

What do your team do?

In our business, observing sales people every day, most look embarrassed and lurk in the background. The point is shoppers are changing. Are we changing to make the retail experience superior to the online experience?

Our experience is: not yet.

At Retail Performance Specialists, our programme includes building high performance teams to become Savvy Shopper Sales Specialists.

What is the Savvy Shopper? Sometimes referred to as the primarni effect, people at parties tell you how little they paid for something while also displaying a top brand label, demonstrating “I’m a savvy shopper”.

It’s not about price, otherwise we would all have more money in our bank accounts. It’s partly about value for money, but more about how I feel. The worst feeling would be showing a new outfit or electrical item only to be told by a friend it’s cheaper elsewhere. How much money do Aldi and Lidl shoppers save, or do they spend it elsewhere.

Another phenomenon is bloggers, how many shoppers are happy to take the advice from someone they follow rather than an expert. Highly trained cosmetics teams like Clarins and Benefits have no chance against a blogger with little experience. One of the greatest problems for pharmacists is Dr

What’s the solution?

Is your Savvy Shopper Sales Specialists team trained and coached in how to deal with a savvy shopper customer?

Checking on the phone is a buying signal opportunity which can be turned into a sale, if you have the right training.

  • Do your team know how to turn phone checks into a sale?
  • Do your team know how buying psychology is changing?
  • Do your team know how to make the retail experience superior to the online experience?

The answer to this and many more questions are in our Guide for Selling to Savvy Shoppers.

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