Pharmacy Growth Programme

What is the pharmacy growth programme?

Due to the current regulatory landscape, we have identified the need for pharmacies to have a business model which drives their top-line sales and profitability.

As performance improvement specialists, we partnered with the NPA to develop a pharmacy-specific business growth programme.

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“An excellent business programme that gave me the tools and confidence to address our issues.”

Fin McCaul, Prestwich Pharmacy

“My pharmacy team have embraced the programme and we have had an uplift in both script and OTC. We have increased OTC in excess of 35%.”

Mukesh Lad, Mr Pickford’s Pharmacy

Who are RPS Global?

We are one of the world’s leading performance improvement organisations operating in 20 countries for over 35 years. We partner with many major and independent pharmacies to help increase sales, team performance and profitability.

“Within two months of implementation, we have seen a consistent improvement in our pharmacy business performance.”

Hatul Patel, Sigma

The Deliverables

Programme Deliverables

The programme guarantees a minimum return of £20,000 gross profit by increases in the following areas:

1. Performance mindset
2. Prescription numbers
3. Commission services
4. Non commission services
5. Retail Sales

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Online and Self Learn Modules​​

All modules are available in a self learn programme online or through a workbook, schedule and mentoring.

Embed a performance mindset

Creating the environment

The systems, tools and templates to create the correct environment for your people to succeed

Improve prescription numbers by 20%

Marketing to surgeries & care homes

Successfully communicate and build effective relationships with surgeries & care homes

Achieve commissioned services to 100%

Delivering all commissioned services

Identifying the patients who need the services, and successfully delivering them

Improve non-commissioned services by 30-50%

Market non commission services

Use inbound and outbound marketing to successfully sell non-commissioned services

Increase your retail sales to a minimum of 30%

Introducing retail products & services

The system to engage your team to introduce retail products to your customers, with effective space, ranging and merchandising


The programme is tailored to the modules your business requires guaranteeing a minimum return of £20,000 gross profit.

Programme Stages

The Programme is broken into 3 stages to enhance your short and long-term success.

Stage 1

Online diagnostic

It all begins with an independent and objective report on how to improve your pharmacy key performance indicators. The purpose is to identify exactly what barriers are preventing the business from delivering its vision.

The diagnostic covers five key factors:

1. Financial performance
2. Marketing
3. People performance
4. Space management
5. Ranging and merchandising

Stage 2

Live one day workshops

There are two one-day workshops 6 weeks apart

Workshop 1:

Understanding the pharmacy growth programme model

Workshop 2:

Implementing the model to a commercial level

Stage 3

In pharmacy visits

Three in pharmacy visits to make sure the programme is successfully implemented through the RPS coaching and mentoring support process. We will be working specifically with the pharmacy manager and team.

“Excellent programme! I’m finding it a great way to identify areas of the business which need attention and l feel more confident and able to address them. I particularly liked the mentoring methods and have seen dramatic improvements in staff performance.”

Jacqui Campbell, Pritchards Pharmacy

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Programme Investment


During this challenging regulatory period the programme will guarantee you a minimum £20,000 gross profit return on investment.

Programme Fees £6,000

(Early registration £4,000 + VAT)

Deposit of £1,000, balance in monthly payments.

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