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Tailored programmes to build a high performing team so you achieve your targets


RPS has exemplary knowledge & understanding of retailers by helping them improve their brand presence & business performance.

RPS can be the ‘keystone’ in helping your account managers build strong partnerships with retailers through a very clear mutual understanding of what’s important to the retailer, from a KPI, training or promotion perspective so that ‘selling through’ is understood, not just ‘selling in’.

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“I engaged with RPS following on a from a workshop day at AIS where I felt inspired that I had found the right partner to work with to help develop the team. We achieved a 21% increase in sales, 13 weeks post training.”

Hamish McGee, General Manager, Woods Furniture

“We engaged RPS and immediately formed a solid working relationship. They highlighted the real opportunity that a retail performance system could bring and the journey we would need to go on to achieve this. We have had an increase in ATV of 16%”

Stuart Fox, Retail Operations Director, Housing Units

Services for Brands selling into Retail

We are able to provide you with a complete performance system for your sales team and your retailers, as well as offer individual modules that you choose according to your needs.

A proven performance system

Account Managers

Partnerships are the focus of this programme. Creating Brand presence, sales performance & retailer benefits is the theme when engaging with retailers to ensure product ‘sell through’ as well as ‘sell in’. Account managers will develop a commercial mindset, building on their persuasion, influencing & Brand advocacy skills while demonstrating clear understanding of a retailers critical KPI’s.

Retailers Performance Programme

Enhance the powers of your Brand advocacy. Help retailers make the most of the space they have given you in their stores. Fully understand the value of your Brand to your customers Brand, ensure they sell your brand powerfully as a customer solution to build loyalty & repeat sales with their customers.

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Our start point together

Our start point is our Performance Diagnostic, giving us a very clear picture of your history, your performance & your business aspirations. From here, we can identify, & quantify, your growth potential along with the specific steps to realising your growth.

Performance Diagnostic

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Tailored programmes to build a high performing team so you achieve your targets.