Blue Banana Case Study

Something out of the Blue – Street Fashion Chain Boosts Sales by 30%

Managing the Transition from Entrepreneurial Start-up to Professional Retailer


Just five months after RPS undertook its initial diagnostic, Blue Banana saw an unprecedented 30% increase in sales. Improved average transaction values, increased items per sale, and better conversion rates all contributed to this impressive result. Blue Banana’s retail staff felt empowered by the changes, enjoying the target-led approach that had been adopted.

“RPS is clearly the market leaders in retail performance management, and had a vast amount of retail experience we could transfer
into our business for long-term success. We would definitely reach for RPS again in the future. They have proven time and again
that their programmes work.”

John Taylor, Director – Blue Banana

A Reliable and Predictable Platform for Store Growth

The Challenge
Prepare Managers to Run a Professional Retailer

Eight Blue Banana stores had opened across the UK, focusing on apparel, accessories, jewelry, and body piercing. Taylor and Bisbey saw the potential for a nationwide chain but realized that their entrepreneurial flair would only propel the business so far.

The directors looked to RPS to help them increase their sales and prepare managers for running a larger, more professional

The Solution
Diagnose Issues and Implement Corrective Programme

RPS began working with Blue Banana, undertaking its initial diagnostic analysis to identify exactly where the company’s potential
lay. Then RPS made a series of recommendations which would drive significant increases in sales if retail performance programmes
were implemented into the business. These included:

Classroom-based and field-based training for store managers

• Working with vital statistics – analyzing and applying sales data relevant to the company’s objectives
• Identifying key performance indicators – store manager responsibilities, operational discipline, coaching & effective feedback

Individual staff sales training
• Understanding the customer & developing a professional sales culture
• Techniques to improve sales and meet all key performance indicators

Field Intervention Work
• Spending time of the shop floor observing current behaviours and assessing performance gaps – showing the store manager
how to identify and improve sales gaps
• Demonstrate how to praise and encourage staff plus how to hold staff accountable for underperformance

Ongoing RPS training & support
• Performance management through – weekly telephone coaching and business review support

The Results

• 30% increase in sales in the first five months
• Highly motivated and more effective management and store teams
• Long-term sustainable and transferable programmes for sales growth
• Increased business value
• Increased KPI performance

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