Cadbury Case Study

Strategic Direction Setting Event Foundation for 2011 Success

RPS Facilitate Strengthening of Leadership Team Relations and Performance


Senior leaders at Cadbury reached out for RPS expertise prior to launching the strategic initiative branded internally as ‘Winning in Independent Retail’. The overarching goal was to deliver significant growth levels within the independent retail sector during 2011.

“RPS supported us at a one-day keynote event, aimed at engaging our sales teams’ in maximizing opportunities for Cadbury in the independent retail market. The event was a great success and our people went away enthused, motivated and armed with the clear knowledge of what they could do to improve their sales performance. RPS also facilitated a Strategic Direction Setting Event for our leadership team. The session was expertly facilitated and delivered new levels of clarity around the teams’ purpose; direction and key success factors we needed to focus on and to hit our objectives – a valuable outcome

Jamie Dunning, Sales Director/Toby Mitchell,
Customer Marketing Director

Maximise the Opportunity: Winning in Independent Retail

The Challenge
Engagement, Focus & Preparation to Win in Independent Retail

The strategic challenge faced by Cadbury in 2011 related to the need for significant growth in account sales performance within the independent retail sector. With no additional investment or resource allocated to the task faced by the division, the senior leadership team were required to outline the strategy and deliver the results through current account management resources.

The Solution
RPS Keynote & Direction Setting Workshop

Through our Direction Setting Workshop we guided and supported the leadership team to define the strategic approach, create the KPI measures & build the performance Game Plans for implementation. Engagement and preparation of teams was successfully delivered through our ‘Mindset of a World Class Sales Organisation’ keynote which supported sales teams in crafting their sales Game Plans to support in the delivery of overall business objectives.

The Results

• Shared leadership clarity around core purpose &
• Identified performance KPIs for ‘Winning in Independent
Retail’ business initiative
• Determined key actions need to take and defined
priorities in terms of key action programmes
• Gained insights into overall team dynamics and provided
basis for strengthening team relationships & leadership

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