Clarks Retail Case Study

Appliance of Retail Science Achieves Double Digit Growth

174-year-old Footwear Specialist Partners with RPS

The RPS Performance Improvement Programme created commercial benefits for Clarks that could have been lost if there had not been a desire to drive improved performance from existing locations.

Clarks provided the footwear expertise; RPS provided the science of moving numbers expertise. The result, a partnership which delivered several million in sales revenue.

“The programme positively challenged our thinking and approach to how we had previously been driving sales and service performance at all levels of the organisation, from Regional Managers right down to Sales Floor Staff. As a result, we have successfully implemented retail sales systems and processes and taken more robust steps to develop the selling capability of our workforce. “

Craig Ramsay, Learning & Development Manager
Clarks International

A partnership which delivered several million in sales revenue.

Clarks Challenge
Identifying New Opportunities for Growth

With internal performance levers well covered in the areas of product, branding, shop fits and IT, and no plans for physical expansion, it was considered time to take a harder look at the performance metrics of current locations. Like most multi-site retailers, Clarks were affected by inconsistency to sales & service standards across the estate. Area and store management capability to improve the key people and process levers which impact on KPI performance, varied greatly across the estate. Inevitably, this led to lost opportunities and sales being left on the table.

The Solution
Performance Improvement Programme

RPS devised a bespoke 12 month Performance Improvement Programme based on filling the opportunity gaps identified from conducting a pre-programme Retail Performance Diagnostic (RPD). The diagnostic identified the internal barriers to performance and the size of the financial prize (ROI) in working with RPS. The tailored improvement programme was designed to be practical and get to the core of what retail is all about, hitting sales numbers and delivering the brand promise in-store. RPS developed the capability of field and store management to identify deficient sales KPIs and know the actions needed to improve the sales numbers in their respective area or store.

The Results


  • 10% (av.) increase in Average Transaction Value (ATV)
  • 2% (av.) increase in Conversion Rate
  • Redress balance between commercial vs. operational duties
  • KPI tracking and reporting visibility for improved commercial decision making
  • Improved capability of area management to drive area KPIs: Conversion and ATV
  • Improved capability of store managers as sales coaches to drive KPIs: Conversion and ATV

For more information on our Improvement Programmes contact us for a performance diagnostic.