Ebay Retail Case Study

Big Brands Now Looking at eBay as a New Sales Channel

RPS Design eBay Value Proposition & Acquisition Strategy to Attract Retailers & Brands

Historically, eBay’s business model, with the auction-style listings, was less attractive to big brands and retailers. In an effort to appeal to larger retailers, eBay made crucial policy changes by lowering listing fees as well as moving toward a fixed-price marketplace.

“eBay engaged RPS to support us in our objective of attracting major brands and retailers onto our platform. The evolution of our business model, which is increasingly geared towards a fixed price offer, means retailers and brands can look to eBay to further diversify their business model and grow sales via other online channels. RPS scoped our acquisition strategy, wrote our value proposition and helped us onboard major retailers and brands – we benefited greatly from your expertise.”

Dr Stephan Zoll, MD Europe – eBay Global

Now the business is hitting sales numbers and delivering the brand promise

eBay Challenge
Auction-style listings, was less attractive to big brands and retailers.

Changes have encouraged large retailers and brands to bring their full catalogue to eBay to tap into the potential of eBay’s 90 million global active shoppers. The challenge related to presenting a compelling value proposition which would overcome the fear of compromising their brand and encorage major retailers and brands to sell their entire stock range, not just clearance, through the eBay platform.

eBay Solution
A multi-level Retail Acquisition Programme.

A multi-level Retail Acquisition Programme, designed and delivered by RPS, to support eBay in their strategy to recruit big brands and retailers into the fashion outlet. With past concerns around brand damage less of a concern due to platform changes, eBay required RPS to fast-track the recruitment drive.

The RPS solution delivered:
• A strategic eBay value proposition – fitting into the retailer’s world
• Acquisition strategy to engage businesses are the right level
• Develop capability of senior management and sales team to present a compelling eBay offer
• A proven sales pipeline for management of leads through business
• 12 month PR & media communications plan to present the changing face of eBay
• Targeted educational marketing collateral which speaks to big retailers & brands
• Sourced high profile UK & EU industry speaking engagements to present the eBay offer

Success for eBay

• Acquisition strategy for retailers & brands
• Creation of eBay value proposition to attract big brands
• Targeting & on boarding of major high street retailers
• High profile speaking opportunities to present eBay offer
• Marketing collateral & communications plan
• PR & media plan

Success for Retail & Brand Customers

• Access to huge market: 92 million globally
• Additional cash flow
• Increased online traffic
• Driving sales volumes
• Moving old stock
• Greater stock turnover
• Improved end of season sell through
• Choice of entry: product launch or clearance

How have we helped our clients?

Exceed Category Growth Target by 20%

Johnson & Johnson


Defined strategic approach



Going from good to great.

Housing Units


Increase in ATV of 16%

Housing Units


Hitting budget within 4 months


roomes mini

16% increase in growth



Business growth strategies




Customer loyalty strategy

Fisher & Paykel


Blue Banana Logo

Boosts Sales by 30%

Blue Banana


New sales channel



Best product launch ever!

Lion Breweries



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