Performance Diagnostic

An independent and objective report on how to improve your retail KPIs

Benchmark your retail business and identify growth opportunities with a Performance Diagnostic

Wouldn’t it be great to receive an easy to read report which benchmarks your company against competitors and the industry standard to see how you measure up?

To know without a shred of doubt that your current strategy and initiatives will increase your profits by the year end?

How you can get a performance culture where your people hit their targets everyday.

The RPS Performance Diagnostic will benchmark your retail business and give you an authoritative, independent report on the challenges facing your business and solutions to deliver your company vision.

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Dreams engaged RPS to review their business in the area of people performance and compare Dreams with the best in class retailers.

Jeremy Gerken, Operations Director, Dreams

“RPS performed its Retail Performance Diagnostic and
immediately identified the internal barriers that were
holding Housing Units back.”

Stuart Fox, Retail Operations Director, Housing Units

Your blueprint for success is also guaranteed to increase sales by a minimum of 5%.



Benchmark your retail business against competitors & industry standards.

Strategy Review

Understanding whether your current strategy and initiatives will be effective in today’s current market.

People Analysis

Understanding opportunities through the spread in performance and productivity of your people.

Area’s Covered

Financial Performance

People Performance

Range Performance

Space Performance

Marketing Performance

Growth Opportunity

Benchmark your business against competitors & industry standards.

How It Works



We conduct a comprehensive series of questionnaires, interviews, store visits and observations, alongside financial performance metrics.



Everything gained from the Measure stage is collated together, analysed and benchmarked against the industry standard.



Upon completion of the Analysis stage you will be provided with an in-depth report consisting of a detailed blueprint of where your business is and how to drive performance and growth.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.