Retail Sales Consulting

Get a minimum of a 10% increase in top line sales and profitibility with the RPS performance improvement programme

People performance is more important than ever.

Our programme will show you how to create, & sustain, a high-performance team to dramatically improve your business performance.

We are one of the world’s leading retail sales consultants operating in 20 countries for over 35 years.

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“Dreams needed an outsider’s view of the business to ‘look in the mirror’ and to objectively view all aspects of the retail operation and to compare their operation against the ‘best in class’.”

Dreams Furniture 

“We benefited in many ways working with RPS, but most significantly, the programme contributed to Clarks bucking the trend and delivering a double digit growth in sales.”

Craig Ramsay, Learning & Development Manager
Clarks International

Retail Diagnostic

It all begins with an independent and objective report on how to improve your retail KPIs.

The purpose is to identify exactly what barriers are preventing the business from delivering its vision.

The diagnostic covers five key factors:
  • Financial performance
  • Driving traffic
  • Space management
  • Ranging and merchandising
  • People performance

Performance Model

Performance Environment

Learning the commercial mindset

The systems, tools and templates to create the correct environment for your people to succeed

Commercial Culture

Identify the KPIs to improve

Managers understand the retail KPIs and can create actions that are guaranteed to improve them


Performance improvement plans

Managers learn the RPS four step coaching skills, which enables them to give regular constructive feedback to your sales people

Customer Engagement

Skills development

Harnessing the best practices, processes and skills, through teaching your team zero pressure selling

Personal Development Academy

Performance review & renew

Create a sustainable learning environment to ensure new and existing team members maintain and develop their skill set.

Completing the modules guarantees a minimum of 10% increase in top line sales and profitability. For more information, please get in touch with our friendly team.