Retail Training With Performance Coaching

Whether you're a small retailer, or a chain of stores looking to upskill, performance coaching gets results.

What you will learn.

Many retailers do not know what options they have when it comes to retail training…

So we have created this simple easy to read programme, that explains what retail training options are available in the marketplace, and why performance coaching is a must have skill in retail.

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What is performance coaching?

Performance Coaching can be implemented as a retail training process where the area manager coaches retail sales people.

The area manager trains the retail sales people to focus on key performing indicators (KPIs) like conversion rate, average transaction value and items per sale giving salespeople an increase between 10% to 25%

Sales people held accountable for their KPIs and are trained onsite rather than in a classroom or online.

You’ll also learn

The pros and cons of each retail training method and understand how performance coaching delivers outstanding results.

Find out why classic retail training methods fail.

The processes required to create a performance coaching environment.

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