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Tailored programmes to build a high performing team so you achieve your targets

People performance is more important than ever.

Retail costs are predicted to increase by up to 30% due to, rate reviews, increased product costs, exchange rates, minimum/living wage, pension regulations & the apprenticeship levy.

Our programme will show you how to create, & sustain, a high-performance team to dramatically improve your business performance.

Retail Triumphs

We have had an increase in ATV of 16%

The Passionate about Winning programme absolute conversion saw a swing of 3.3% and ATV saw an increase of 2.7%

Sales Revenue increase of 54%

10% increase in Average Transaction Value (ATV)

Services for Retailers

We offer an extensive range of services for retailers to improve your people performance.

A Proven Performance System

Performance Improvement Programme

Performance Improvement Programme

A comprehensive & proven people performance designed to cover all levels of retail operations from sales colleagues to area managers and above.
The programme covers all the elements needed to improve and sustain performance.

Business Building Programme

Business Building Programme

The programme covers the 4 key elements of Buying, Ranging & Merchandising, Marketing & Business Planning.
You choose the modules that are right for your business & we tailor a programme for you.

Selected Performance Workshops​

Available in public workshops or in-house (for 5 or more delegates). The best way to get started on YOUR people performance journey, ideal for new recruits to get up to speed quickly or for colleagues who need guidance, support & fresh inspiration to reach new levels of performance.

Online and Self Learn Modules​​

All modules are available in a self learn programme online or through a workbook, schedule and mentoring.


Our start point is our Performance Diagnostic, giving us a very clear picture of your history, your performance & your business aspirations. From here, we can identify, & quantify, your growth potential along with the specific steps to realising your growth.

Performance Diagnostic


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