Rugby World Cup 2019 and Retail Performance Coaching

Rugby World Cup 2019 and Retail Performance Coaching

Over the weekend rugby fans across the world were treated to a brilliant match, watching Wales beat Australia in a 2019 Rugby World Cup thriller.

This was Wales’ first World Cup victory over Australia in 32 years.

What has changed to make Wales such a dominating force in the rugby world?

According to the Wales players, this comes down to their coach Warren Gatland.

About Warren Gatland

Warren Gatland is a New Zealand rugby union coach, currently the head coach of Wales. Since he became coach in 2007, Wales have won four Six Nations titles, including three Grand Slams, and reached the semi-final of the 2011 World Cup.

What does Warren Gatland’s players say about him?

‘He is a motivator,’ said wing Josh Adams. ‘He talks when he has to — doesn’t talk too much. Sometimes you wonder what he’s going to say and he doesn’t say anything. ‘That works and he always fills you with confidence, makes you believe. He does a fantastic job in getting us motivated and ready for games.

‘I am glad we could repay some faith in the coaches. We had belief from day one, before we even stepped on the field.’

‘He is awesome,’ the fly-half said of Gatland. ‘He understands when players need their tyres pumped up and when we need a bit of stick. He’s been great with getting the best out of me.’

How this can be applied to retail?

If you are an Operations, Area, Regional, Store or Department Manager and your team were at a BBQ and someone ask them what they thought of you, what do you think they would say?

Would they call you Mr/Mrs Motivator?

Would they say you understand how to get the best out of them?

Would they say you cared about the team and its success?

If you can not answer yes to the 3 questions above you may be hurting your team sales and the company’s culture.

Can a bad manager cost you?

Retail Performance Specialists have identified through their work with some of the most successful retailers in the world, that a great manager can gain you a 25% increase in sales, however a bad manager can result in 25% fewer sales.

Performance Coaching, which is widely used in the sporting world, has been transferred across to Retail and is proving to:

  1. Increase team morale
  2. Motivating teams to achieve new heights
  3. Increase sales and profitability
  4. Build a great team culture for sustainable success

Quick Wins To Increase Team Performance:

  1. Start up meeting

– Let your team know exactly what you are going to achieve today and how they are tracking

  1. KPIs

– Make sure each individual knows their targets for the day and has a game plan to achieve them

  1. Coach don’t criticize

– If an individual needs help, praise what they are currently doing well and help them to see their opportunity areas

  1. Set non-negotiable standards

– “If the standards are high, the performance is high. If the standards are low the performance is low.”

– Set out your expectations to your team, so each individual knows what is expected of them.

  1. Creating the right environment

– Create the environment where your team show up and consistently deliver an excellent customer experience to every customer, every time.

Next Steps:

Attend our upcoming Performance Coaching Workshop. Experience a full day of hands-on retail coaching training that leaves you with a proven Model to motivate and empower your team to achieve their targets.

Become Mr/Mrs Motivator for your team and watch your team exceed their targets.

The RPS performance system, based on Olympic sport performance principles, has delivered great results for retailers for over 35 years.

Performance Coaching Workshop

Experience a full day of hands-on retail coaching training that leaves you with a proven Model to motivate and empower your team to achieve their targets.

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