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The WHY – WHAT – HOW Of Our Programmes.

In every business there are top performers who always manage to find a way of achieving objectives and hitting target, while there is a large group who could and would do better if they were focused on opportunities and were coached to be at their best, more often.

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“I engaged with RPS following on a from a workshop day at AIS where I felt inspired that I had found the right partner to work with to help develop the team. We achieved a 21% increase in sales, 13 weeks post training.”

Hamish McGee, General Manager, Woods Furniture

“We engaged RPS and immediately formed a solid working relationship. They highlighted the real opportunity that a retail performance system could bring and the journey we would need to go on to achieve this. We have had an increase in ATV of 16%”.

Stuart Fox, Retail Operations Director, Housing Units


The WHY​

The first and often the greatest change is the WHY. Even before we get to What’s in it for me (WIFFM) often the mindset is “I already do my best”. Sports people always look for where can I improve.

The first part of our programme is a method of always looking for the personal and team opportunity and the mindset of where can I/we improve.


By comparison the WHAT is the easiest part. We have clear documented models and processes for Operational Standards, Service and Selling and Coaching.

In our programme we provide the framework and facilitate teams to tailor their own way of using the core models, we provide the car and adapt to individual styles of how to use.


Not everyone can be THE best, but everyone can be THEIR best and for more of the time.

We work closely with your teams to get on the journey to great. Talking a step at a time, all team members calculate, using our model, their opportunity. Once calculated they focus on the actions that improve performance, then practice, using our best practice guides, and are coached by their line manager.

(Our programme includes: Mindset, Self Discipline, Service and Selling and for Managers Performance Coaching)

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.


When we deliver programmes our aim is twofold, achieve the performance improvement agreed and leave your tailored system embedded into your business.


Find the why for everyone and how to make their role its most valuable


Practice using the models and techniques RPS has developed over many years


Give everyone the space and flexibility to practice, learn and develop


Work with you and your team until you achieve the commercial benefits

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